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A Drill-Free Cavity Solution

At Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry, staying proactive against child tooth decay is one of our top priorities. Not only does doing so prevent discomfort in your child’s mouth, but it ensures that their growing smiles continue to develop properly. While fluoride treatment has been proven to reduce the risk of cavities in young children, silver diamine fluoride takes the process a step further. To learn more about this incredibly effective children's dentistry treatment and how it works, feel free to give Dr. Tremblay, Dr. Biernacki, or Dr. Sheraz a call today!

Why Choose Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry for Silver Diamine Fluoride?

  • Multiple Pediatric Dentists on Staff
  • Warm & Friendly Pediatric Dental Team
  • Able to Treat Several Cavities at Once

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

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Silver diamine fluoride is considered to be an antibiotic liquid. Just like how fluoride treatment is used to strengthen teeth and provide protection against tooth decay, silver diamine fluoride also plays a major role in protecting teeth. The main difference is that silver diamine fluoride is so much more powerful, that it can actually stop tooth decay in its tracks. Additionally, silver diamine fluoride can be used to reduce teeth sensitivity.

We often recommend patients who experience a high risk for tooth decay to receive silver diamine fluoride treatments once every six to twelve months. This can vary depending on the patient’s current issues with tooth decay.

How Does the Silver Diamine Fluoride Procedure Work?

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The procedure for applying silver diamine fluoride is relatively simple. To start, the tooth in question is dried thoroughly so that the fluoride can bond to it. Once dry, a small amount is applied to the area of the tooth experiencing decay. After about one minute, the fluoride is given a chance to dry. From there, the tooth is given a thorough rinsing and the tooth is now thoroughly protected!

Keep in mind that any patients that are allergic to silver should not be treated with silver diamine fluoride. Additionally, no patient who has painful sores or raw areas on or in their mouth should receive this type of fluoride. In some cases, we may also provide additional treatments to complement the fluoride, including fluoride varnish, fillings, and crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride?

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One of the best attributes of silver diamine fluoride is that it can effectively stop tooth decay from spreading even after it’s already begun to develop in the patient’s mouth. If you have a young patient who is afraid of dental fillings or restorative dentistry in general, silver diamine fluoride provides a reasonable alternative that your child can receive with confidence.

Furthermore, silver diamine fluoride is ideal for children who are currently suffering from teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity can occur as tooth enamel continues to break down, but this treatment can reduce it and improve your child’s overall quality of life.